Nov 03

Review of Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its coonstitution of the Islamparison with the cmic Republic of Iran

What do you know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Do you know about the 30 articles in this statement?
Do you know that these matters are your inherent rights?
Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right of a person to be elected or freely choosing representatives for the rights of citizens, which the will of the people should be the basis of the establishment and formation of the state.

In addition, it emphasizes that such determination must be conducted in an alternate and regular election, free and free of any fraud, this right is one of the citizens’ rights and respect for the people’s votes is also a pillar of human rights.
According to Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, citizenship has the right to have equal access to jobs directly related to the administration of the country without racial, religious or sexual discrimination.
And governments are required to provide conditions that enable individuals to actively monitor and participate in political, economic and social affairs, that the exercise of this right is the same as democracy, and in some way guarantees the basic rights of individuals on the basis of which the interests of everyone are in the best interests of the individual The true meaning of democracy, freedom, accountability and the choice of deputies.
Article 8 of the third principle of the Iranian Constitution also emphasizes the participation of the general public in determining their political, economic, social and cultural background.
Article 6 of the Constitution also relies on public opinion on how to manage the affairs of the country. It considers the election of the President, members of the Assembly of Experts, the Parliament, the members of the Council, members of the council, etc. through a referendum, but under the supervision of the Guardian Council! !
Due to the inaction of the parties, the syndicate as well as the existence of an institution called the Guardian Council, the project of Democracy in Iran is ineffective and in fact dreaming because:
In the system of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Guardian Council is the institution that monitors the election, and the eligibility of the candidates must be approved by members of this council of 12, the six members of the council of the council directly appointed by the leader and six members of the jurists The proposal of the head of the judiciary, who is also appointed by the leader, will arrive. And only members of this council have the right to confirm the eligibility of candidates,
The members of the Guardian Council, elected by the leader and supervised by all elections, will in practice introduce the leaders of the leader as approved candidates, which would mean the violation of the fundamental rights of a nation, namely the absence of democracy, which violates the principles of democracy, that is, Failure to implement justice as a scenario for a screening called “Election in Iran.”
As it was said, in a country where power and decision are made available to a particular person or group, it is initially the basic justice and basic rights of those who are unseen and violated.