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According to the Environment Committee on March 94

According to the Environment Committee on March 94

In this month as well as the past few months our countries environment was plagued by a wave of corrupt poaching and the subsequent assault of environmentalist by the corrupt hunters.

The report consists of three parts. The first part: arrest of offenders by the guards, Part II: introduce offenders to court and fine them, and Part III: The environmental news this month.

The first part of this month hunts perpetrators: a fox in the countie Ize, a whole wild in the eastern Alamut, a wild sheep in the protected area Prevert, 4 rabbits in Dehgolan, a ram, a ewe and a young, pregnant ewes in the Refuge, a Esfarāyen wild ram, a leopard in Shimbar and also involved in the torture and beating a dog in Golestan were identified and arrested.

Part II: In the month of agents hunts a wild pig in Tafresh, a Maral and a chamois in Kordkoy, a wild pig in Aligudarz after depositing the fines were introduced to the court, as well as poaching of four goats and wild goats in Firoozkooh and Hunter National Park salwk offenders were sent to prison.

The month-agent hunt wild Aligudarz a total of 128 million Rials responsible for the killing of a deer in the national park GHAMESHLOO were sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Part III: The environmental news this month

  1. On 3 March due to extreme dust province were closed all offices and educational levels.
  2. Due to the plague in 85 of the ram died Khojir National Park.
  3. Capacity for 15 international environmental exhibitions this month.
  4. Increasing 57 cm water level of Lake Urmia in the March 8 and 60 cm on 18 March.
  5. A Persian leopard dying of thirst in National Park Tandooreh.
  6. Canceled merger of Forestry and the Environment.
  7. Tehran weather conditions on Persian date Esfand 16 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.
  8. Asad Taghizadeh park ranger sentenced to death was pardoned
  9. Opposition of General Assembly Environmental Assessment Act on the partition of environmental areas.
  10. Halted activity of a large mine in Amol, in Mazandaran province with the Court of Appeal.
  11. Our global recorded as 12 UNESCO Biosphere Iran
  12. Dena ranger GH releasing Khalidi after 5 years

Producer: Nader Zandi

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