Jun 07

4 Arrestees of Mahabad Transferred to Public Prison

4 arrestees of the recent demonstrations in Mahabad has been transferred from the intelligence office of Uremia to Mahabad Prison.

According to the report of the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Kambiz Chekani, Anvar Badri, Rahman Khoshkalam and Younes Mallak had been arrested a day after the demonstrations in Mahabad and were transferred to the intelligence office of Uremia.

Although there are not confirmed reports about their exact charges and the length of the arrest order but one of the HRANA’s sources said that there were arrested because of publishing the news and reports about the demonstrations.

The reports show a number of 60 to 150 people who have been arrested during the demonstrations, some of whom have been released earlier but the others are still under detention.

The judicial officials have not published any news about the situation of these detainees yet.

After Farinaz Khosravani’s death on May 3rd, there were demonstrations in Mahabad which ended up with several arrested and injured by the security forces.