Nov 05

Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its comparison with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

What do you know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Do you know about the 30 articles in this statement?
Do you know that these matters are your inherent rights?

Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone, as a member of the community, has the right to social security and, through national-level efforts and international cooperation, by organizing the resources of each state, their indispensable economic, social and cultural rights To secure the dignity and free development of his personality.
Welfare and social security means respect for the dignity and equality of human beings.
Social welfare and social security means prohibiting any kind of illicit discrimination, especially in accessing citizens for public services such as health services and job opportunities. The government must refrain from any decision and action that leads to the creation of class distances and unfair discrimination and deprivation of citizenship rights.
Welfare and social security means the dignity and credibility of the citizens that are immune from invasion. No person, office or media, especially those using public funds or public facilities, should not harm the credibility and reputation of other people by treating or denigrating, such as libel or libel, even by quotation. Insulting, humiliating or hating ethnic groups and adherents of religions and various social and political groups is prohibited.
Welfare and social security means women have the right to participate actively and politically in policy, legislation, management, implementation and supervision.
Social welfare means: individual and public freedoms are inviolable. No citizen can be deprived of these freedoms.
Every citizen has the right to security of life, financial, dignity, legal, judicial, occupational, social, and so on. No title should be threatened or threatened in the name of security, the rights and freedoms of citizens, and the dignity and dignity of their citizens.
Illegal actions in the name of public security, in particular the violation of the privacy of people, are prohibited.
Providing social security is one of the most important military and political tasks of the government.
In the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, in addition to the principle of equality of people against the law, it is recognized in other principles such as Articles 12, 15, 19 and 20 of the inalienable rights of different classes of society and various ethnic groups. Welfare and security are one of the most important needs that any government, whatever its type of structure and approach, is obliged to provide it. Having people with adequate livelihoods and amenities so that their dimensions of living structure are decent is one of the legal rights that people expect from rulers. It is also a multidimensional category that is wide-ranging, politically, socially, economically and culturally. Is.
Social security is one of the most important dimensions of security, which, if distorted, will affect all sectors of life and will be severely affected. The growth of society, the prosperity of talent, the rise of political life, and the widespread participation of people in their own destinies, entails the provision of social security. If these issues of welfare, security, and citizenship rights in each community are taken into consideration and become a major concern of the state and people, it will definitely provide the grounds for the growth and development of that society.
Living in an environment full of peace and tranquility is one of the fundamental rights of citizens. Therefore, the duty of the state is to create a calm environment away from conflict, conflict and tension.