Nov 03

The Call for the Human Rights Defenders’ General Monthly Meeting November 5, 2017

The call for a meeting of the General Assembly of the General Assembly for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran
Sunday 05 November 2017 at 16:00
Dear members and officials of the Center for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran
Sincerely Hello
The meeting will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2017, at 16:00 CET, at Central Paltak Cyberspace, the Center for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran.
Meetings of the General Assembly and the Office of the Office

1. Greetings and announcements of the performance of the PR and the meeting last month by Ms. Qureshi (5 minutes)
2. Reporting agency representatives and reviewing their performance by members (every 5 minutes)
3. Reporting the committees and reviewing their performance by members (every 5 minutes)
4. Report of the media department and its performance review by Ms. Bita Asad Poor (10 minutes)
5. Report on Internet affairs and its performance review by Mr. Maziar Barzi (5 minutes)
6. Reporting the audio and video section and reviewing its performance by members of Mr. Jamshid Gholami (5 minutes)
7. Report of the Internet Library of the City Center and its review by Mr. Behrooz Khosravi (5 minutes)
8. Report on the Internet Radio and review its performance by the members, Mr. Jamshid Gholami (10 minutes)
9. Report by the editor of the monthly and reviewing the performance of the monthly by the members, Dr. Zahra arzjani (5 minutes)
10. Financial report and review by members, Ms. Simin Meskini (5 minutes)
11. Report of the Board of Directors and review of its performance by Mr. Amir Nilo (10 minutes)
12. Discussions and discussion of the contributors and their conclusions (30 minutes)
Location: Paltalk, Center for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran


Social Issues and Politics

Human Rights

Kanoon Defa az Hoqoq Bashar dar Iran

The presence of all officials and members of the Focal Point is timely and important at the meeting.
In the event of a problem and the impossibility of the presence of officials and members, it is necessary to inform the Board of Directors or the Public Relations Department about a maximum of 24 hours prior to the opening of the meeting by email.
Your timely presence will lead to a regular meeting and we will begin and finish your meeting at the appointed time.
Respected colleagues have expressed their comments and criticisms at the appropriate time to hold the meeting in accordance with the expected procedure.
Monica Quraishi
Responsible for the Public Relations Committee