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Report violation of the rights of young people and students in bahman 1395

Report violation of the rights of young people and students in February 1395

Preparation: Mr. Ahmad Hashemi

According to Iran’s censorship of the media, this report only represents some of violation of the rights of young people and the Iranian students news agency approved by the Iranian government and therefore can not reflect the widespread and systematic violations of this large segment of the community we represent is .

Also, because the government does not allow human rights defenders, particularly the range of activities and reporting human rights violations continue to report statistics only reflect the very low volume of widespread human rights violations, particularly the rights of the downtrodden and knowledge of the youth Pajouhan my country.

Our cooperation with the belief that human rights violations Vgzsht time does not include a review of all their efforts in the area of ​​collecting evidence, violated the rights of Iranians inside and outside Iran have applied for the rights of victims with the hope that one day or their survivors and for justice to be applied, so members of the Committee for the defense of the rights of young people and students until the realization of this ideal and appropriate conditions, collect evidence, violation of Human rights in Iran, disclosure and dissemination a step is considered very valuable and will work in the same direction.

Drbhmn months of this year as in other months of the year continued systematic violation of the rights of youth and students in the Islamic Republic and still not held accountable,

Considering the lack of permit independent human rights defenders in Iran, this short report can contain all of the status quo and youth and student rights violations in Iran. But through a series relays news in February 1395 in the Committee for the Defense of the rights of young people and students to record, arrest and detention of youth in the index and the situation of political prisoners in jail for prisoners in general and, in particular, was impressive.

A summary report of what period of Persian date Bahman 1395 the Committee for the Defense of the rights of young people and students were registered as follows:

Summoning (2)

Summon a teacher Army Intelligence Service

Student Online – Monday 4 Persian date Bahman 95 Hamid Rahmani, cultural activists and secondary school teachers in Varamin city, the city was summoned to the Intelligence Ministry Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
In it is written that the teacher should at 8 am today, 5 February to pay some of the comments should refer to the Information Office Corps.

Shima Babaei summoned to Evin to provide “last defense

Evin Shima Babaei, civil society activists to provide “last defense” is summoned.

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Shima Babaei, civil rights activist, during the past days by telephone to complete and submit the “last defense” was summoned to Evin third branch and the current day’s visit to this place.

Sentences (4)

Young death penalty in Mashhad

HRANA man with the complicity of his brother, his divorced wife was killed in Mashhad, after a trial in a criminal court Khorasan Razavi fifth branch while after announcing his passing, was sentenced to death that his brother on charges of complicity in the murder to 10 years in prison after the Supreme Court confirmed tolerate.

Imprisonment, exile, Diego, service and 99 lashes for an accused

News Hrana- young man who after a dispute with his girlfriend he was kidnapped and tortured four days by the court to undergo three years’ imprisonment, payment of blood money, 99 lashes, internal exile two years and 100 hours of community service in place of exile condemned

The death sentence for an Iranian scholar

Young and student rights committee of the Iranian scholars have already lost three times a hunger strike in prison as a result of torture forbid acts have to admit is hard.
Ahmad Reza Jalali, Iranian professors and researchers who traveled to Iran on charges of espionage and sentenced to death based on information published by the sentence to be enforced for up to two weeks.

99 lashes for allegedly issuing a

HRA -Dadgah Tehran penal acquitted the defendants of the charges of rape and sentenced to 99 lashes on charges of immoral acts.

News University (5)

Hashmy_Rfsnjany replace the “founder and President of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Azad University

While people of every moment and worried, followed Plasco News
Khamenei has the opportunity and the bizarre legal and illegal,
Hashmy_Rfsnjany replace the “founder and President of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Azad University,” has set.
He wrote in his ruling that Lyakbr_Vlayty appointed to “avoid any interruption in Tmshyt legal affairs of the university,” while legally
“Board of Founders and Board of Trustees after a meeting between members of a delegation of people to choose”

Uncertainty 300 students at the University of Science and Technology of Light

Ayskanyvz- regretfully have to inform the scoring on 12 February this year and the first day of the Islamic Revolution Fajr Happy people with light single attack on Iran University of Science and Technology at the University of Mazandaran province padlock classes and rooms, following this move came out of equipment and a staff member and a student at the University of beating and fighting injured and were taken to hospital

Shahrood University students protesting against the university authorities offensive

Danshjvanlayn- this time the authorities attempted to use the exclusive card for the elevator Schools faculty and staff did an unusual step, and this action aroused the anger of the students of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, mechanics, and began OF CIVIL.

Unemployment among graduates of Ph.D.

Danshjvanlayn-crisis unemployment in Iran is an intractable problem for millions of young people has become. The surge in unemployment, especially among young people and women and graduates is increasing every day.

Hundreds of students gathered to protest the martyr Beheshti educational problems

Aylna- one of the union activists martyr Beheshti University, a gathering of hundreds of students protesting the new directive teaching and authority of the authority’s deputy Schools.

General News Youth (6)

Launched a campaign in cyberspace

According to Human Rights Tarngar-deputy attorney general in the virtual space, launching the campaign in cyberspace and said: About 18 thousand people voluntarily observed the Attorney General to report offending sites

Break at least 40 to 50 thousand graduates from Iran

Danshjvanlayn – a civil servant in the Ministry of Science, said: about 40 to 45 thousand graduates, PhDs and graduate, they decided to leave the country. B.

Underground sexual subjects will be costly for the country

Kamran sky – Mahmoud Ghaffari, director of the film “Number 17 Soheila” his first film as a Dghdghhmnd film is a film that deals with the problem of limitation in cinematic dialogue.

Ghaffari said the film’s my personal concern about issues of social and community especially women. Women who are married in midlife crisis and risks.

Ockham of poverty was Colbert

Kamran Luminary Kya- Akam (Muhammad) Hamzezadeh 21-year-old from a village in Mahabad, was married two years ago, his wife of 18 years, his job was plastered. Winter came and it was not Textured was unemployed, had to go to the Kvlbh, Colbert was the tenth month, and each time the setting was fifty thousand dollars.

Honor killing by parents of a girl in Ghaemshahr

-Man Middle-aged HRA murder of his daughter with a knife blows of the foot. He said his motive for murder. “He went out of the house without my permission and sometimes long nights spent outside the home and home Dvsttansh”.

Activists detained in cyberspace and confessions

Abed tolerant, Committee for the Defence of the rights of young people and students

News of the arrest of human rights activists and even ordinary users daily control in cyberspace and critical mass of activities and propaganda against the regime.
The Tarngar human rights in Iran, the Young Journalists Club, affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the confessions of the detainees named “Falcon” is released, he was forced confessions.

Protest (5)

Further news aggregation Beheshti University

Online Student-students of Shahid Beheshti University in protest against the wrong decision in choosing the educational experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students of today and the coming days to conclude and repeal the laws of the sit-in will continue

The student protest at Tehran University dormitory

Of students – students in the dormitory of the University of objections to improper repairs, the annual students deprived of accommodation, standard of living and commercialization of their houses to protest.

Medical student protest at the University of Bushehr

Danshjvanlayn- students of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences Persian Gulf Martyrs Hospital to address their demands, in the hall of the hospital to protest their education

Master’s and PhD graduates protest Nutrition Sciences

Danshjvanlayn- group of graduates in food science graduate to protest the denial of license Nzampzshky the Office of the Medical Council gathered supervision and support.

“Shadegan fire to the police station after the killing of a citizen by the police.”

According to the National Council of the Iranian citizen journalist for free, the past Friday night after police chase on motorbikes in the range of dates in the market Shadegan fire and Hassan Abvghbysh that “are buying in the market” and killed in a shootout two bikers were injured motorcyclist. This man would protest the killing of civilians Shadegan.

Strikers (2)

Current hope Shahmorady, prisoners on hunger strike and Drug Administration

New-head of Evin prison universe Shahmorady inappropriate physical condition and hope to continue the hunger strike as a serious danger to prison and transferred responsibility for its consequences.

Arash Sadeghi prosecutor with a written promise to end hunger strike

Human Rights in Iran 18 Bahman

Rsh_Sadqy, the current day, following a meeting with the prosecutor and promised his assistance to deal with her husband’s case, the hunger strike has ended

Death (1)

At least one prisoner executed in the central prison of Hamedan

Tarngar Human Rights in Iran reports quoting the Human Rights Commission, the morning of Sunday 10 February at least one prisoner who was sentenced to death for drug-related charges was executed in the central prison of Hamedan

Arrest (1)

The arrest of thirteen girls and boys at a party the night

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Mohammad Rahimi, director of public relations and communications to the Court of Justice of Gilan-e Anzali Gilan Province Prosecutor’s Office reports the arrest of several men and women in the party said.

News (2)

Street “paradise” hell fire-fighting.

The firemen’s strike from Kamran Luminary Kia-led, although it is hard to say, but those who are willing to talk, we will not say the municipality is not hope; eyes and ears full of empty promises …

Sentencing “amputation” for the three accused of stealing Tehran Penal Court Branch 5

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran-judges fifth branch of Tehran Penal Court on the charge of stealing two brothers to “cut off the hands, rejection and prison property.” The court issued a similar ruling for their complicity and thus now three by the the courts have been sentenced to amputation.

Students (2)

A new wave of Baha’i students were expelled from universities: education deprivation because of religious beliefs

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran-Nima Ayqanyan civil engineering student at the University of Science and Technology who was studying in the entrance examination with a rating of 155 was expelled because of a belief in the Baha’i faith

Further news aggregation Beheshti University

Danshjvanlayn-students of Shahid Beheshti University in protest against the wrong decision in choosing the educational experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students of today and the coming days to conclude the sit-in will continue and cancellation rules.

Prisoners (7)

Kvkhyan and Afrvzyan Mahdi Sajjad, to end the strike, prison on bail and transferred to Maragheh

HRANA-Mahdi Sajjad Kvkhyan and Afrvzyan of Tabriz, Maragheh prison were transferred to the Intelligence Detention Corps. Bail has been granted to the citizens. This transition is underway that Mr. Kvkhyan and Afrvzyan the hunger strike in detention were unclear on the date of this institution have ended their hunger strike.

Naveed Kamran dispatched to the hospital to prevent authorities from refusing to wear a prison uniform

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Navid Kamran, a political prisoner in Evin Prison’s Ward Eight sensory and motor nerve problem in his right leg and his right hand suffered today despite initial coordinates, because he refused to wear a uniform prison, was denied transfer to hospital.

Mehdi Kvkhyan in Maragheh prison hunger strike again

HRA-Mahdi Kvkhyan active Malakan two days ago to protest a promise from the authorities and increase the amount of collateral, again in Maragheh prison on a hunger strike to sew the lips. This is symbolic of political prisoners, “the officials refused to hear insults” to “sew ears” has also.

Guard attack in Zahedan prison riot

The Tarngar Human Rights in Iran
It is said that a special unit officers attempted to control the conflict began firing in the air and used tear gas was also reported that military helicopters flew over the prison. One of the prisoners injured Ahmad Naroui 23 years old at the time of submitting this report, none of the prisoners were not injured to hospitals outside the prison transfer

Hamid Babaei transfer of Rajai Shahr prison to Evin section 209

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Hamid Babaei, a political prisoner in paragraph 4 above Hall 12 Rajai Shahr prison for detained incommunicado, has recently been transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. The transfer took place after a short while ago he had been threatened by the authorities Rajai Shahr prison in this case.

The fourth day of dry hunger strike Hadi Asghari and denial of medical attention / pressure drop Amin Afshar Naderi after eleven-day strike

Tarngar Human Rights in Iran-Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asghari on Friday, September fifth of this year, along with several other Christian converts, in a private garden in Firoozkooh on charges of “membership in the church” arrested and transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison respectively. The Christian converts after three months and completion of the investigation to Ward Four, Hall Tuesday Evin prison and has been held in this paragraph.

Army officers Arash Sadeghi: “not go out of here alive!” / Inhibition of transfer to the hospital despite severe physical

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Arash Sadeghi, a political prisoner in ward 350 of Evin prison, because long-term hunger and lack of medical care, suffering from asthma and lung infection and has lost one of his kidneys; however, army officers have so far prevented hospitalization of political prisoners in the hospital and told him: “not go out of here alive.”

Suspension (1)

A female student was expelled fifth Drtrm

Baha’i News reported # # # Svgl_Kazmy_Bhnmyry Baha’i resident of the city of Babolsar in the city of Mashhad were studying # 5 because the price in terms of non-profit University of Mashhad was fired.
According to the news of the Baha’i Faith News degree in civil engineering undergraduate student after visiting their site on 4 February realizes that not allowed to enter the site and then track and in the end visit to the office of Get who has been expelled from the university.

Government officials (4)

Bus students in Amol fire

Online Student Services University of North Amol -A bus suddenly caught fire yesterday but with the efforts of firefighters quickly controlled the fire.
Said the main reason leading diesel bus after the technical expertise factory fire is declared. The incident had no human casualties. “

Fvqlysans·hayy that they Colbert!

-Nzdyk Of students passed in 10 days, 10 days have passed strict hard for families of 4 Colbert on the heights of Sardasht, Bhmngyr and lost their lives. Those who backs bent enough that the refrigerator and television, dishwasher and washing tied on his back and went up and came down from the hills and hard ways and in the end only Ykhzdhshan bored with the same fatigue, cold soil laid to rest.

Nearby version of “Colbert” in a sequence

-Dvhfthay ISNA that the death of Colbert in Piran in an avalanche a few passes, but still fresh hot for residents. Piran people like many western border phenomenon called Colbert faced with something that might work with a lot of distance, but the sole minimum income standards for Mrznshynany more than other fellow countrymen faced with the problem of unemployment.

The killing of a youth in continuing clashes in Shadegan

Iran’s and young people Shadegan -Drgyryhay Nyrvy_Antzamy officers and special units continued yesterday in clashes Shadegan people to protest against the killing of one of the city’s youth named Hassan Abvghbysh there came another resident named K. Mnyavy government officials killed in firing

Condition (1)

Sohail frequent seizures and unconsciousness Arabic in prison

The Tarngar human rights in Iran, Soheil Arabic, Monday evening, 25 February, for the first time in critical condition suffering from unconsciousness and convulsions returned to the clinic moved, despite the dire situation of these prisoners of conscience, prison authorities have to send him to medical centers or do not have permission

Summary statistics from the report:

Summoning (2)

Sentences (4)

News University (5)

Protest (5)

Strikers (2)

Death (1)

News (2)

Condition (1)

Arrest (1)

Suspension (1)

Government officials (4)

Prisoners (7)

Students (2)

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Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran

Committee for the Defence of the rights of young people and students