Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 14

Audio clip to be aware of the program’s window (check the status of media in Iran)

Iranian media, to what extent have been able to play their professional role? According to the requirements of the modern world and with relative independence from the centers of power that followed? And how ideology has had an impact in this area? Guest: Maryam Moradi, Hamid Reza Taghi Poor peasants Tabrizi By executing: Mary Pourhosseini

Nov 02

Clips publications and media work, information and facts

Detention and torture simply for the crime of duty Surely that work publications and media, information and facts occurred in the community. The research group Center for Human Rights in Iran Editor and Words: Mohammad Golestanjoo

Nov 01

Audio clip hatches application of knowledge (serial murders of Iranian government)

The assassination of political and ideological opponents and critics of the Islamic Republic What was the motive for the killings occur and what goals they pursued? Victims of the serial murders on what criteria and what were the selection process? And whether the killings were followed by the Iranian regime? Guests: Saman Hamidi Hamid Rocky …

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