Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 21

Audio clip to be aware of the program’s window (refugee crisis in the world)

Last year saw a picture of refugees Showed that asylum seekers are no longer a solitary act but a social movement. Is it legal for a Muslim ostensibly seems, is given to them? And how governments have managed to succeed in solving this crisis? Guests: Arabsheibani Behnam’s free By executing: Mary Pourhosseini

Oct 21

Video Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Did you know: There are 30 cases of human rights? These are the most basic human rights and yours. Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to a nationality Everyone knows.

Oct 14

Audio clip hatches awareness program (children’s)

What factors and reasons in creating the phenomenon of child labor exist? And it is what creates problems in the community? Guests: Bahia Jilani Maryam Moradi By executing: Mary Pourhosseini

Oct 08

Audio clip hatches application of knowledge (why violence in Iran)

How and when violence spread in the community? What factors and current can be understanding of this violence? Guests: B. Tavakoli Rosa Khalili By executing: Mary Pourhosseini

Oct 02

Audio clip hatches knowledge (study of tourism in Iran)

Tourism is a bridge for friendship and cultural exchange between Iran and the world An opportunity to display the history and civilization of Persia Industries for employment and income But whether Iran could succeed in the tourism industry? Guests: Saman Rocky By executing: Mary Pourhosseini